The College of Anaesthesiologists of East, Central, and Southern Africa (CANECSA), is committed to  promoting the highest standards in the practice of Anaesthesia, Pain Medicine, and Critical care across its member countries. In pursuit of this commitment, CANECSA collaborates closely with it’s member countries Anaesthesiologists associations and societies. Together, these organizations work collaboratively to ensure the safety and well-being of patients by practicing Anaesthesia at the highest level of excellence

Kenya Society of Anaesthesia

The Kenya Society of Anaesthesiologists (KSA) is a professional organization whose full membership is open to qualified Anaesthesiologists working in Kenya.

Association of Anesthesiologists of Uganda

To secure lives through the highest attainable standards of practice of Anesthesiology and critical care, strong education and learning programs ...

Ethiopian Association of Anesthetists

Anaesthesiologists are trained extensively in the delivery of safe and high quality anesthesia care, as well as advanced patient monitoring techniques.

Anaesthesiologists Society of Namibia

To unite all anaesthesiologists and anaesthesia providers in the common goal of improvement of the access to and safety of anaesthesia services in Namibia.

Society of Anaesthetists of Zambia

The society was set up to cater to the interests of all Anaesthesia and Critical Care providers in Zambia and carries out training and capacity building for all members and prospectives in safe Anaesthesia delivery.

Société d'Anesthésie - Réanimation de la République Démocratique du Congo (SARDC)
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