The College of Anaesthesiologists shall comprise the following classes of Fellows;

1. Foundation Fellows

These shall be persons who were admitted as Fellows of the College of Anaesthesiologists on its inauguration and who possess qualifications entitling them to be registered in their field of practice of Anaesthesia

2. Ordinary Fellows

They shall be Medical Practitioners who have satisfactorily completed their Higher Anaesthesia Training and have passed the prescribed examinations in Anaesthesia and related specialties of CANECSA, or have been awarded a Fellowship by election, having satisfied the Council of the College that they possess qualifications entitling them to be Fellows of the College.

3. Honorary Fellows

They shall be professionals of high distinction in the Medical and Surgical Professions and such other eminent persons, whether or not members of the Medical and Dental profession, as the Council of CANECSA may, in its absolute discretion, decide to honor.

4. Overseas Fellows

They shall be Anaesthesia specialists practicing outside the constituent member countries of the College of Anaesthesiologists;

  • Anaesthesia specialists working on contracts in the constituent member countries of the College shall be eligible to local Fellowship if they meet the election criteria and shall apply for fellowship through the respective country representative
  • On completion of their local contracts shall revert to Overseas Fellow status if they wish to maintain their Fellowship of the College.
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