College of anaesthesiologists east, central and southern africa

CANECSA is a college of Anastesiologists of East , Central and Southern Africa. Constituent countries are Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Ethiopia, Eswatini, Kenya, Malawi, Rwanda, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia and Zimbabwe. CANECSA aims to advance education, standards and research in safe anaesthesia and critical care for the people of East, Central and Southern Africa.


At the 2009 East, Central, and Southern Africa Health Ministers Conference held in Zimbabwe, the idea of a College of Anesthesia for the region was proposed by the Health Ministers of the region. The number of anesthesia practitioners is very low compared to the region’s population and its burden of disease. Masters of Medicine in Anesthesiology and Critical Care graduates are few and cannot match the need at the current pace, hence the need to run a program that will supplement efforts and standardize care in the region. Further to that, there is a need to harmonize training within the region.

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We create a system that would allow the teaching and evaluation of professionalism in the specific context of anaesthesiology thus inculcating requisite expertise, honesty, respectfulness, patience, humility, tolerance, compassion and ethical conduct.


Good leadership is a fundamental aspect of CANECSA that brings about integrity, diligence and management: leading and managing continuous change; achieving success with service development.


We endeavour by all means to strategically identify and partner with value adding stakeholders, various institutions, authorities and NGOs, in order to increase capacity to deliver.


In order to create awareness, a common understanding of our value propositions and meeting stakeholder expectations, we will continuously engage patients, colleagues and trainees .


We will undertake advocacy initiatives that are geared towards representing patient needs.

  • To promote an understanding and knowledge of Anaesthesia and Critical Care Medicine in the undergraduate medical curriculum of member states.
  • To promote, organize and conduct postgraduate education and training in anaesthetic care to promote the highest level of skills, attitudes and efficiency in their practice.
  • To educate, promote and assist in the development of research in anaesthesia and related topics and audit of clinical practice.
  • To promote integrity among members of the College and to cultivate and maintain the highest ethical standards and professional conduct.
  • To arrange and conduct examinations of candidates for admission to the College of Anaesthesiologists and/or such other examinations in the various branches of anaesthesia care and sciences as may from time to time be deemed appropriate.
  • To advance the science and art of anaesthesia and to promote friendship and exchange of ideas amongst anesthesiologists and other anaesthesia care providers of East, Central and Southern Africa.
  • To promote cooperation with and help establish professional bodies with similar aims and objectives.
  • To promote the development of the existing specialties into faculties and assist in the development of other anaesthesia subspecialties within the field of anaesthesia.