Membership Examination

All Fellows shall pay such annual subscriptions as shall be prescribed from time to time, with the exception of Honorary Fellows.

  • Fellows shall enjoy full rights, benefits and other privileges as may from time to time be declared by the Council and shall be subject, mutatis mutandis, to the obligations and burdens howsoever from time to time declared by the Council.
  • Honorary Fellows shall enjoy all the rights, benefits and privileges of Fellows except the right to vote and to be voted into office at any meeting of CANECSA and shall not be required to pay any subscriptions imposed by the College of Anaesthesiologists.
Examination Details and Fees

In order to complete your online registration you will need a copy (scan or clear image) of each of the following:

  • Undergraduate medical degree
  • Relevant postgraduate qualifications (if applicable)
  • Medical council/board registration certificate
  • Medical council/board practicing license / certificate
  • Recent passport style photo

Examination fees are payable to your national anaesthesiology society. Please contact your local CANECSA Country Representatives directly to arrange payment.

  • Membership examination – $500

Repeat examination – Candidates who are unsuccessful in the CANECSA examinations, may repeat the examinations the following year, subject to payment of the repeat examination fee.

  • Membership – $200
More information regarding the  fee structure click here