Decker Medicine

CANECSA has an affiliation agreement with the Decker Medicine to deliver a comprehensive educational resource that will influence the teaching and practice of anesthesiologists in the ECSA Region and beyond for the next generation.

The agreement between Decker and CANECSA was made on January 2, 2020 with an agreement that Decker shall provide resident programs with full access to the database, including content, weekly curriculum, mentor remediation, teaching slide library, board review, concierge and Continued Proffesional Development (CPD).

CANECSA President Mpoki Ulisubisya, MD commented, “This collaboration between Decker, a pioneer in the publishing of online databases in medicine, and CANECSA, the College for professional association of anesthesiologists in nine countries, will deliver an authoritative state-of-the-art learning product to more than 15 teaching hospitals”. 

“Anesthesiology sets a new standard for learners at all levels in the specialty,” says Brian Decker, CEO, Decker Intellectual Properties. “It will be a graphically rich resource enhanced by video and pedagogical features for trainees, fellows and practicing anesthesiologists.”

About Decker Medicine Inc

Decker Intellectual Properties, Inc serves the information needs of health care professionals. Its high-quality products are designed to help physicians and surgeons practice and learn more effectively. Decker publishes educational resources and databases in 14 specialties. The company is based in Toronto and Memphis.  Its African office is in Nairobi